Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mega Buzz: Will Castle Be Back Next Season?

Forget about murder -- there's a much bigger mystery to be solved this season on Castle. Although the long-running ABC procedural still has legions of fans, the show has yet to be renewed for an eighth season, due at least somewhat in part to the fact that the show's stars, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, haven't signed new contracts to continue.
Unfortunately, it sounds like the decision may come down to the wire. "It's been weird. The last five months have been limbo," cast member Seamus Dever, whose contract is also up, tells "I don't know [what's] going to happen, and, to be honest, no one has talked to me ... about next season. I'd like to have some answers because my family wants to know if I'm going to be employed. But right now it's really up in the air."
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TVLine: Seamus Dever Talks Ryan's Moonlighting Crisis, Rick's Vanishing and the Outlook for Season 8

This Monday on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), Detective Kevin Ryan’s latest bid to bolster daughter Sarah Grace’s college fund with a second job takes a tragic twist, when an assassination attempt on a congressman he is guarding claims a victim.
TVLine invited Seamus Dever to preview Ryan’s predicament as well as an upcoming episode that will (finally!) revisit Rick’s vanishing. Plus: How is that Season 8 renewal looking?
TVLINE | It sounds like things go pretty sideways with Ryan’s latest moonlighting gig.
Yeah, things go a bit pear-shaped. [Laughs] Shots ring out, and Ryan is left to piece together what really happened and who is behind it, who is the false culprit and who is the real culprit. As you know on Castle, we go through three or four different possibilities.
TVLINE | When you say that Ryan has to piece it together, do you mean almost in real-time, there on the scene?
Sorta, yeah. We did this crazy thing that we almost never do on Castle — it seems simple, but flashbacks. I think we’ve only done one episode that deals with flashbacks — “47 Seconds,” in Season 4? Regardless, it’s been a while, so it was a bit of a departure for us. People might be wondering what the hell show they’re watching. But hopefully they go, “Oh yeah, I kinda like this Kevin Ryan.” Bill Roe, who’s now our longtime director but was our original director of photography, shot a really cool episode. The flashbacks are handled in way that has some nice style to it.
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Friday, March 20, 2015

GMMR: Seamus Dever Teases His ‘Action Movie’-Esque Episode, the Return to Mythology, and More

CASTLE’s Ryan is getting a big hour in the next new episode, “At Close Range.”

“It was like an action movie we shot,” CASTLE star Seamus Dever (Ryan) teased. “It was mostly Ryan; the rest of the cast had a lot of days off. I was literally sprinting nearly every day [during filming]. There was a chase scene that took several days to film, spread out, and it was running around in suits, with guns. That’s my biggest memory: being sweaty in a really nice suit. And really cool locations!”

I spoke with Dever about what’s in store for the episode, reuniting with GHOST WHISPERER’s David Conrad, where the show is headed, and his new Indiegogo project…

What can you say about the trouble Ryan finds himself in?
Seamus Dever:
Basically, Ryan is moonlighting with his brother-in-law, who runs a private security firm, and they’re working a charity event. It seems like it’s a pretty normal charity event — it’s a campaign fundraiser/charity event for some wealthy donors — and then something goes awry, shots ring out. And he’s left trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what the truth is, figure out if he’s done anything wrong, figure out if there’s been a betrayal. And left to solve the case through kind of being really skeptical about what he thought he saw.

We did something we barely do on CASTLE — I think we’ve only done it once before — we did flashbacks. The moment of this thing happening, this thing that Ryan is remembering seeing [we’re getting flashbacks]. Our director, Bill Roe, handled it really well. The flashback thing is a pretty typical TV trope, and you see it on a lot of shows. So how do you do something different with that? It’s nice hour it was handled; the interior thoughts of my character.

It’s a great episode. I’ve been saying it’s more JACK RYAN than Kevin Ryan. [Laughs] It was like a political thriller we shot. I’m glad they wrote this script for me, because I had a great time on it.

Are there ramifications for his career? Or since this was a secondary job, is he not in as much potential trouble?
It goes back into the precinct, and it dovetails into his normal job pretty quickly. It hits close to home, so there are ramifications for his family.

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Raina Reveals: 7x22 Title and Synopsis

The penultimate episode of the season, titled Dead From New York, features a murder at a Saturday Night Live-esque show called Saturday Night Special. ABC is casting the roles for the lead anchor (male, 30s), a former matinee idol in his 60s who is the host for this week and the head of the production company (male, 50s) of the murder victim. Could one of them be the killer?

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