Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mega Buzz: Devious Maids Guest Star

Any scoop on Castle? —Jess, via Twitter

How about some exclusive casting news? Devious Maids star Rebecca Wisocky will guest-star in the seventh season's third episode, "Clear & Present Danger." She will play Dr. Elena Sarkov, the lead scientist at a cutting-edge research lab, whom the team consults when a pool shark is murdered by a mysterious unseen force. Other details about her character are being tightly guarded, but it sounds to me like the show won't waste a lot of time getting back to its case-of-the-week structure. 

Source: TV Guide

Ask Ausiello: Time Jump and Premiere Title

Question: We know that the season opener of Castle starts right where we left off in the finale, but is there a time jump after those first initial scenes? —Rachael
Ausiello: Yes, the  Sept. 29 premiere features a time jump — and a rather significant one at that — but my lips are zipped about exactly when in the episode the clocks spring forward.
Question: I am dying to know the Castle Season 7 premiere title! —Sandra
Ausiello: The opener, which (per ABC) “promises to put Beckett through the toughest case of her career,” is titled… fittingly… “Driven."
Source: TVLine

Sunday, August 17, 2014

TVLine: Castle Casts The Closer Alumna in Season 7 Toy Story

ABC’s Castle has tapped a face familiar to fans of Monday-night crime procedurals to appear in Season 7.
Gina Ravera, who for four seasons played Detective Irene Daniels on TNT’s The Closer, will guest-star in the coming season’s second episode as Marsha Stoller, the vice president of a successful toy company.
The 12th precinct gets pulled into the toy biz when company founder Wally Williger turns up d-e-a-d. Now, before you go ahead and finger Marsha for the murder, know that the episode is also casting Wally’s wife, his young assistant Matt (ahem) and a warehouse foreman. Suspects aplenty.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Spoiler Room: Castle's Dream Wedding

Any Castle scoop? —Courtney
If you were worried that the traumatic events of the finale were going to scar and/or change Castle (especially when it comes to the whole wedding idea), don’t be. Even after everything he’s been through, Nathan Fillion still considers Castle to be a wedding guy. As he put it, Castle is still the man who “wears his joy on his sleeve,” the guy who will say, “Yeah I’ll get married. What the hell. Let’s go!”
And just for fun, I also asked Fillion what his dream Castle wedding would be. “I would love to see Castle getting married on the shores of Maui in this little neighborhood I like to go personally for vacations because there’s a great bay right next door,” Fillion said. “You can snorkel there or scuba with turtles and there’s sharks sometimes depending on the time of day.” Who’s in?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mega Buzz: Will Castle Have Amnesia?

Will Castle have amnesia on Castle? — Crystal, via Twitter 

Unlikely. In fact, given creator Andrew W. Marlowe's refusal to characterize the events of the season finale as a "near-death experience," we're not certain Castle was even seriously injured. But Castle will certainly need all his wits to piece together exactly what's happened and why. "There are going to be some unanswered questions and some really great mysteries that Castle himself is going to be investigating moving forward," executive producer David Amann teases. Adds Marlowe: "Why does he do what does? Why is he interested in murder? What has gone on in his past? These are rich questions we haven't really explored." Pretty hard to do some soul-searching if you can't remember anything!

Source: TV Guide

Friday, August 8, 2014

GMMR: Chad Michael Collins to Guest Star

Chad Michael Collins (who has guest starred on over a dozen shows, including ONCE UPON A TIME, LAST RESORT, CSI, and GREEK) will guest star on an upcoming episode of CASTLE, ABC has confirmed.

Collins (who announced his casting on his Facebook page) will appear in the (planned) third episode, “Clear & Present Danger.” He’s set to play Tom Talmadge, “a tech start-up entrepreneur who was assaulted under mysterious circumstances.”

Source: Give me My Remote